Edvige Antonia Albina Maino

Edvige Antonia Albina Maino

Edvige Antonia Albina Maino

Alias Sonia Gandhi


India is taken over by a child pro cum barmaid planted in India and is stealing the nation bone dry, killing the leading politicians with Italian mafia men and converting the nation to terrorist religion called Christianity

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Cambridge Conspiracy

The maverick charges that Sonia had an agenda independent of Rajiv

By Ashok Malik



Swamy is in the public eye again

Subramanian Swamy is the ultimate hot potato in Delhi’s political hothouse-few want to touch him, fewer still want to take him on. Over the past week, the Janata Party president haunted old friends and foes again when his “suggested charge- sheet against Ms Sonia Gandhi, leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha” erupted into a political crisis. In his letter of March 3, Swamy had asked Minister of State for Personnel Vasundhra Raje to direct the CBI to look into his allegations. While the resultant storm is well-known (see accompanying story), what precisely are Swamy’s charges?

Swamy begins with a relatively innocuous preamble that warns “Sonia Gandhi may well turn out to be India’s (Alberto) Fujimori”, a reference to the disgraced former president of Peru who fled to Japan and (re)-claimed citizenship of his ancestral country. Swamy rebuts Sonia’s claim that she was “educated in Cambridge University”. Rather, “Ms Gandhi had gone to the town of Cambridge to learn English in an unrecognised teaching shop.” Explaining his elaborate thesis to India Today, Swamy points out that Sonia met Rajiv Gandhi in Cambridge in 1963 and got married only in 1968. A good part of the intervening period was “spent in London”, where a KGB bond, Swami believes, was either created or strengthened.

A “KGB document” of 1989 talks of payments to “R. Gandhi”.

Swamy insists this was Rahul, not Rajiv

The one solid clue on the KGB hand that Swamy offers is an extract from Yevgenia Albats’ The State Within a State: The KGB and Its Hold on Russia-Past, Present, and Future. Page 223 quotes Viktor Chebrikov, then chief of the KGB, as telling a Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) committee, “The USSR KGB maintains contact with the son of Premier Minister Rajiv Gandhi [of India] … R. Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for benefits accruing to the prime minister’s family from the commercial dealings of an Indian firm he controls in cooperation with Soviet foreign trade organisations. R. Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of R. Gandhi.”

Swamy’s take is that the “R. Gandhi” refers to Rahul Gandhi, “the son” who at the time of the 1989 election was a student at Harvard University-where, coincidentally, Swamy is a visiting professor. Swamy’s “investigations also reveal” that the “KGB money came in through the Mainos” to finance certain “pro-Sonia candidates”. Rajiv, says Swamy, had no idea about this KGB operation.


VAJPAYEE: Was Swamy’s leader in Jana Sangh in 1970s. Post-1977, Swamy levelled personal charges.

CHANDRA SHEKHAR: Friend in 1977, rival for Janata presidency five years later. Buddy again in 1990-91.

JAYALALITHA: Swamy accused her of corruption in 1996, then allied with her in 1998. Now fallen out.

RAJIV: Sworn foe in 1984-89. Swamy then became a friend and brokered a deal with Chandra Shekhar.

SONIA: Swamy called her to his tea party in 1998, tried to befriend his “friend’s widow”. Now he is accusatory.


It is a theory some would call far-fetched. A more straightforward implication of Chebrikov’s statement would be that the Congress received money from the KGB. Contacted in New York, Catherine Fitzpatrick, who translated Albats’ book into English, advocates caution, “You have to be careful with this. What she (Albats) has is a bunch of documents not from the KGB itself but by the KGB, from the CPSU and Central Committee archive … These documents involve the KGB reporting to their ‘civilian masters’, the CPSU, and we can’t be sure that they didn’t exaggerate their accomplishments in such memos, as one might to any boss.” Nor does Fitzpatrick want to hazard a guess on the identity of “R”: was it father or son?

Swamy then trains his guns on Rajiv’s assassins. He accuses Sonia of being soft on the Tamil Tigers, the PMK and the “pro-LTTE and secessionist Dravida Kazhagam”. LTTE cadre also acted as “runners”, Swamy told India Today, to facilitate a smuggling operation. He points to a CBI inquiry of 1993 into a consignment originating from Chennai port that violated the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972. The artefacts were, the CBI recorded, meant for one “Guide Zanderige” of Verona, Italy. This man, Swamy says, is an employee of the Mainos and was procuring goods for “Etnica in Rivolta or Ganpati in Orbassano”, shops “owned by her (Sonia’s) family”. In support, he produces a report by a Hindu correspondent who visited the region.

Swamy also charges “affidavits filed in a Malaysian court … establish that Sonia’s sister Anushka and her husband (now ex) Walter Vinci were beneficiaries from the receipts of Quattrocchi from Bofors”. After Sonia’s wedding, “the Maino family became in just 25 years the richest family of Italy with net worth … in 1991 (of) about $ 2.7 billion”. The Forbes billionaire list for 1991, however, records the Agnelli family, which owns Fiat, as Italy’s wealthiest at $ 4.3 billion.

Swamy’s final salvo is a letter to the Law Ministry seeking action against Sonia-who he says voted in the 1980 election but became a naturalised Indian only in 1983-under Section 10(2)(b) of the Citizenship Act. The clause allows for “deprivation of citizenship” if the “citizen has shown himself to be disloyal … towards the Constitution”.

Whatever the future of the chargesheet, for the moment Swamy-who reminds you he also made the initial allegations against R.K. Hegde (for tapping phones) and Jayalalitha-is in the limelight. Either his opponents in the BJP face the ignominy of using his letter to attack the Congress or India’s two largest parties unite to take on one man. No wonder he’s grinning.

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