Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Temple is the target of christiam missionaries

Sabarimala is where Hindu God Lord Ayyappa meditated.  Temple is situated amidst 18 hills in the Western Ghat ranges at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level and four km from Pamba. Ayyappa devotees visit the temple after 41 days of Vrata.  The temple is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. Devotees must go at least once in their lifetime. Sabarimala pilgrimage is the world’s biggest annual pilgrimage and some 5 crore devotees visit temple every year. Women between the ages of 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the temple as Lord Ayyappa is a Bramachari. The important message given at the temple is the ultimate knowledge that you are the God, Tat Tvam Asi in Sanskrit meaning That is you and this is the reason why pilgrims call each other Swami.  This is the same message that was given by Sri Narayana Guru, who is another saint of Kerala who installed a mirror as the idol of a temple.

On 14-1-2011 around 102 persons were killed in a stampede in an unlit narrow forest road due to lack of proper arrangement by the Kerala government that controls the Hindu pilgrim site at Sabarimala. This is a repeat of history. In 1952 around 66 pilgrims died and on 14 January, 1999 some 53 pilgrims died in a stampede. Committee recommendations to avoid it were not implemented till now. Hindu temples and pilgrimages sites should be in the hands of Hindus away from the present control by anti Hindu communist and congress governments. Politicians and the contractors linked to the Travancore Devaswam Board loot the income of Sabarimala. There is no water to drink for the pilgrims on the way, or has any facility to protect them from elements, when they have to wait up to 12 hours in the queue. The sacred Pampa River is polluted. There is no facility for prompt disposal of garbage. Politicians are so corrupt that only an army rule of India can salvage India.

The present tragedy appears to be a conspiracy to damage the Left parties’ prospects to get elected in the coming election. The accident is very strange and appears to have caused by a jeep that was pushed to start as its self start failed. The jeep appears to ran over one pilgrim and caused some scuffle. This appears to have caused a stampede, which is difficult to accept. There was a chain that tied across the road that blocks any jeep travel along the forest road that is normally left open by December 10, was not opened. It looks like the moving mass of pilgrims started falling after hitting the chain across the road.  The forest area was not lit. Christian Congress of Sonia Gandhi can corner votes only if the Left government is discredited.  There were earlier attempt to discredit the pilgrimage to Sabarimala by the christians. All said and done, there was hardly any proper arrangement in an area where pilgrims are routinely gathered to watch the Makara Vilakku.

Efforts to destroy the Sabarimala temple were started in 1949 by Kerala christians. The temple was set on fire by Christians to scare away the devotees. The Christian lobby is involved in poaching of trees and ganja cultivation in forest areas. When thousands started visiting the Sabarimala temple in the forest, their income dwindled and they set the temple on fire. Between 1950 and 1955 there were three attempts to destroy the temple and several attacks on pilgrims. In the eighties a communal Christian minister and the church brigade tried to construct a church near Nilakkal. In 1983 church brigade attempted to plant a Cross in Nilakkal in Ayyappa’s garden. There was a conspiracy to build Pampa Valley Dam in Poonkavanam area which would have submerged the Sabarimala temple.  Forest land requested for Sabarimala development was not given. To  stop pilgrimage to Sabarimala christians have started a vicious campaign against Sabarimala pilgrimage by christians for the last sixty years.

Systematic efforts were made to denigrate Ayyappa and destroy Sabarimala.  Aravana payasam  is the Prasadam at Sabarimala temple.  There were many attempts to put dead lizard in the Aravana payasam  by the christians. Last decade saw the rise of  muslim terrorists and Mahdanis and they too tried to sabotage the Hindu pilgrimage. Pimps, prostitutes and christian media and professional gangsters, police etc were used of late in an international conspiracy to damage the reputation of the Sabarimala chief priest. Christians tried to defame Sabarimala and the devotees and the christian media planted fabricated stories to harvest Hindus for christian conversion. In spite of all these the temple is attracting large number of devotees, sometimes even from among the ordinary christians and muslims.

A little history is not out of place as the killing of pilgrims may not be a simple case of stampede but could be the result of a conspiracy by the most dangerous minority community in India that kill more Hindus in NE than by the muslim terrorists.  Lower caste Tamils were en masse being converted to Christianity using hawala money. The Sabarimala pilgrimage halted this en masse conversion by the Kerala christian family oriented missionaries. In the 1950s, before the pilgrimage became popular, Kerala Christians actually set fire to the temple. Then there was the attempt to manufacture a historical Christian presence at Nilakkal, on the route of the pilgrimage using a fake 2000 year old wooden cross, supposed to have installed by Saint Thomas, but this cross was unearthed intact. Kerala antique dealers could have made this new cross really old the way they sell fake antique immersed in acid and other method, but that technique was not available for the christian mafia of Kerala.

A 2000 year old wood will not survive burial in Kerala’s humid earth and the racket was exposed.  The nazi pope said that Thomas never came to India and never killed by a knife wielding Brahmin in M Karunanidhi’s Chennai, but died in Ortona, Italy, as certified by the Vatican. On 13 November 1952 the Vatican sent a letter to the Christians of Kerala stating that the landing of St. Thomas at Muziris the present Kodungallur was untrue. This also exposed the so called Syrian christian theory created in Chennai, that the Kerala christians are Brahmin converts and the conversion was done by Thomas. A historical reference book by a priest M L Mateer who lived decades in Kerala published in 1883 clearly established that the Syrian christians of Kerala are Pulaya converts like the retired Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and his father.  KG Balakrishnan’s father was a Pulaya Syrian christian called Lookose, but changed the name to Gopinath to get reservation benefits of Hindu ST/SC. All Syrian christians look like AK Anthony or KG Balakrishnan.  Look at the features of both of them have lot of similarities. Reference web pages,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kerala christians invited Vasco de Gama to attack Kerala, says Portugese documents. After the Portuguese settlement, hundreds of temples in and around the Portuguese-held territories were demolished, often to be replaced with Catholic churches. Saint Francis Xavier described with glee the joy he felt when he saw the Hindu idols smashed and temples demolished. Most sixteenth and seventeenth century churches in India contain the rubble of demolished Hindu temples. Chennai was used to create the fake encounter killing of St Thomas using a knife wielding Brahmin.  Thomas mount now sells sacred sand by kilos to christians. In 1561 christians destroyed the Kapaleeswara temple and constructed the St. Thomas church over it. Hindus had to collect all the destroyed stones and construct the same Kapaleeswara temple in Mylapore some 250 years later. There was a temple called ‘Velar Kanniamman temple’ in Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. This was destroyed by the Kerala christians and a church was constructed over it and the Christians called it Velankanni church.  To confuse Hindus, they now call it Velankanni shrine. Attempts were made to turn the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari into a Virgin Mary shrine. Christianity started in AD 325 and Bible was written by an editor called Eusibius employed by King Constantine and is based in lies and violence. As per a BBC documentary the fake Bible had some 62 authors. Like Tehelka funded by Sunny Varkey, a Kerala christian in Dubai to discredit BJP and defense using prostitutes, christians tried to discredit Sabarimala priest. A sex racket story was created by abducting the priest using a Dawood man, a christian prostitute with Sunny Varkey funding, who in turn was given Padmashri by Sonia Gandhi for his services.  Christians also created a touching the Ayyappa idol story by a Kannada actress married to a christian. Reference web pages.,,,,,,,,,,

Pilgrims have to take a dip in the Pampa river. But the river is highly polluted and the Rs.320 crore Sabarimala Pamba Action Plan under the National River Conservation Programme (NRCP) is yet to be completed. The Travancore Devaswam Board (TDB) controls the functioning of all temples in south Kerala including Sabarimala. Government control of Hindu temples means looting by corrupt politicians from all parties and the atheist government staff. This is vividly seen at Tirupati. The late christian Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy put his christian half brother as TTD chairman and used the TTD funds to carryout sports activities in the name of his christian parents. Sonia has put a liquor dealer MP, as the chairman of TTD as he voted and saved the UPA government in the parliament. His relatives were seen using the temple rooms at the Tirupati temple at Himayat Nagar, Hyderbad for drink parties and immoral activities.  The curse of Tirupati is said to have caused the death of christian YSR.

Devaprashnam or DP is conducted in 1995 and 2002 and in 2006,  to know the sentiments of the deities. It was done by P Unnikrishna Panikker. While the earlier ones were vague, the last one was specific and he said a woman had entered the Sreekovil and touched the deity; undesirable activities like sale of liquor, drugs, immoral activities are going on in Sabarimala. Devaswam members, traders, contractors, politicians are fighting like cats and dogs for money. Panikker suggested free annadanam for pilgrims and bringing of Vavur mosque attached to the temple under the control of Sabarimala temple since non-temple activities and fleecing of devotees are going on at Vavur mosque. Panikker conclusion was that due to the arrival of crores of devotees, hundreds of crores of rupees are being pumped into Sabarimala, which is not being used for welfare of pilgrims but being swindled by the political mafia. The net result is that the Lord is not happy with the conduct in Sabarimala.

The astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panikker had found that a female had defiled the temple by getting inside the sanctum sanctorum. As on cue, Immediately after this a Kannada actress Jayamala claimed that when she was 27 year old in April 1987 had touched Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala.  Women who are 10 to 50 years and are fertile are barred from the temple because of the legend that Lord Ayyappa, to whom the temple is dedicated, was a celibate and confirmed bachelor.  It was a blatant lie and is not possible as per the Supreme Priest of Sabarimala Kantararu Maheshwararu as there are several rungs of security to reach the innermost precincts of the Lord Ayyappa where women between puberty and menopause are strictly barred.  Minister in the Communist state government had also taken a serious view of the actress’s statement. Kantararu Mohanaru had refused to accept the devaprasnam’s credibility and attacked not only the astrologer but also the Devaswam board members.

One month after the Devaprashnam the chief priests of Sabarimala Sri. Kantararu Mohanaru was kidnapped on Sunday 23-7-2006 evening by a 10 member gang that came in two vehicles. They took him to a flat of a christian Sobha John and robbed his of two gold necklaces, bracelet and mobile phone. Later Sobha John was identified as a known christian prostitute who was previously booked for immoral traffic. Abducting team stripped Sabarimala priest Kantararu Mohanaru and made him to pose for photographs with naked christian prostitute Sobha John.  On releasing, Mohanaru registered a police complaint of kidnap with the police. But the police was already bribed and the D.I.G of Police Padmakumar came out strongly against it by saying ‘no one kidnapped the Tantri and Tantri does many things that a normal person would be ashamed of doing. D.I.G .Padmakumar, said that the complaint had no substance and that the tantri had been visiting a prostitute for the past one year.

Police claimed that the Tantri’s vehicle number is recorded in the christian prostitute’s building watchman’s register many times in the past one year. The whole operation by the christian mafia was a well planned and executed. The Kerala police that created the fake ISRO spy case for CIA, claimed that Mohanaru was caught in an embarrassing position by some people while he was in the flat. The complaint was an attempt to cover up the events. Following the incident, the Travancore Devaswam board handed over the charge of the Tantri to Mohanaru’s father with immediate effect. Supreme Priest of Sabarimala came out in open in support of his son Kantararu Mohanaru and also made his grandson Rahul Easwar, the spokesperson of the Tazhamon family. Rahul Easwar told the media that all the events are a part of bigger conspiracy against Sabarimala and Tantri family. He said that the Tantri was trapped by the forces who want to destroy Sabarimala and its glorious tradition.

Christian church brigade funded by West have organized a well planned and funded attack on Sabarimala Tantri. The operation planned and executed by Bechu Rehmans, Shobha Johns and Biji Peters. Bechu Rahman’ is an ally of Dawood Ibrahim and he is the fake currency wholesale distributor of Dawood  in Kerala. He is the second accused along with the first accused Sobha John, They are booked under the charges of conspiracy against trapping Tantri Kantararu Mohanaru. Christians and muslims join their hands to defame Hindus. Kerala christians like Sunny Varkey based in Dubai, is rumored to have funded the Tehelka operation against BJP.  Sunny Varkey is the front man of Dawood Ibrahim and he launders the mafia money for Dawood and runs Pakistani schools in the Gulf along with the wife of the Dubai Pakistani counsel General.  Sunny Varkey is the man who introduced his keep Sunanda Pushkar to Sasi Taroor, and he was under RAW scanner. Yet Yet Sonia had given Padmashri recently to Sunny Varkey.

There is  jihadi threat to Sabarimala and Guruvayoor temples. Both these temples are symbols of Hindu unity. Both these temples are under jihadi scanner. Explosives have been found near Sabarimala Sreekovil two years back. Also a mysterious fire broke out near Prasadam preparation area. Two terrorists involved in the Coimbatore blast case have been arrested from Sabarimala. As per a recent intelligence report, there is total security negligence in Sabarimala. Moreover, jihadi groups are targeting Sabarimala pilgrims from outside Kerala. Later investigation proved an international conspiracy was behind this controversy to defame Sabarimala. Christians are the most dangerous and enemy community of Hindus. There is a close co operation between Jihadi and christian church in attacking Hindu saints, institutions and temples all over India.

CPM Branch Secretary of Vallikunnam in Allapuzha was elected in October 2010 as the main priest of Mallikapuram temple in Sabarimala  Anti Hindu CPM  failed in their agenda to destroy Sabarimala by nominating hardcore Anti Hindu Sudhagaran as Devaswam Minister. CPM  is now trying to destroy Sabarimala by nominating a CPM leader as the Main priest. Bishops and Jihadis are dreaming of complete social apartheid against Hindus with the help of pseudo-secular politicians. The church brigade routinely abuse Hindus and Hinduism and create scams around Hindu saints and temples.  The Kanchi Seer case, Premananda case, the recent Nityananda case were all conspiracies originated by the church brigade that is headed by Sonia Gandhi the Italian pope’s plant.  The death of 102 Hindu pilgrims at Sabarimala is one of the last conspiracies of the church brigade for getting votes in the coming Kerala elections.,,,,,,,,,,

Kerala Government earns every year from the Sabarimala pilgrimage, Rs.10,000/- crore via sales, taxes etc. Yet Kerala government carryout  step motherly treatment to pilgrims and the  Sabarimala temple. Kerala government are paid from offerings given by the devotees. The Devaswam board is forced to pay Lakhs of rupees to the Government during the Mandala Makara Vilakku season to Govt. for nil services rendered. On the other hand for the festivals and conventions of christians and muslims the government spend money. For availing of drinking water facilities at Sabarimala, the Devaswam board pays around 50 Lakhs to the Kerala water authority. For meeting the expenses of doctors and Para-medics the Devaswam board pays 55 Lakhs annually. The electricity charges are exorbitant and unheard of anywhere. The government charges Rs. 1.8 crores for supply of electricity as advance deposit. The Devaswam pays Rs. 25 Lakhs to the sanitation society headed by the district collector for the cleaning work.

Roads leading to Pampa are built on BOT basis. That means new tollgates are supposed to collect Rs 3 or Rs 4.50, but they fleece the pilgrims and collect Rs 30 and Rs 50 per vehicle. Due to security threats from Islamic terrorists there is extra expenditure for the Devaswam board to deploy a large number of police and security personnel. The temple pays around 75 lakhs towards security. But for the christians Maramon convention Kerala state provides free security. The Travancore Devaswam Board was made to pay Rs. 6.5 crores as compensation for getting 110 hectares of forestland in Nilakkal to provide amenities to pilgrims. By paying this huge amount, the Devaswam Board has become almost bankrupt. The so-called forestland given to the Devaswam Board at Nilakkal is in fact plantation land. On the other hand 58 acres leased out to christians for their Malayattur Church is for just Rs. 100 per year per acre. The offerings by the Hindu pilgrims are fully utilized for payment to Government.

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