Nuclear Plant Construction in Cuba was stopped

Cuba has called off construction on the Juraguá nuclear plant, located 336 km southeast of the capital. The project started  in 1983 with help from the Soviet Union. It was to cover 25 percent of the electricity needs.  The project included two other nuclear plants  and was intended to eliminate the island’s dependence on petroleum imports.  Work at Juraguá was suspended due to financial problems.  Juraguá was one of the major Cuban-Soviet economic projects. It does not make economic sense to construct a nuclear power plant.

Energás, a non-nuclear plant was later built by the Cuban government and the Canadian firm Sherrit. One worry was that what could  be done with the radioactive waste.  A meltdown in Juraguá would have spread to Mexico, and USA.  United states considered the  Juraguá plant as an act of  aggression due to possible radioactive emissions originating in Cuba.  Americans have stopped their own nuclear programme, but are asking us to go ahead and construct more nuke power plant in India.


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