Government of India could not trace the owner of Jet Airways

Govt of India could not trace the owner of Jet Airways

Government of India could not trace the owner of Jet Airways


In August 2001 Union disinvestment minister Arun Shourie dropped a bombshell in Parliament that despite the best efforts of the government, it could not trace the owner of Jet Airways. The investigation became necessary when Jet Airways bid for a stake in Indian Airlines. Jet Airways was dropped as a potential stakeholder when its owner could not be traced.  He demanded that Jet Airways must be grounded until it is proved to be owned by an Indian national.  As per the Project information submitted to International finance corporation on 16th May 2000 the sponsor and major shareholders of project company  was Jet Airways (India) Limited (Jet),  is 100% owned by M/s Tailwinds Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man a tax haven. In the records of the government, Jet Airways is owned by Tail Winds Limited which in turn is 100 per cent owned by Naresh Goyal who has become an NRI. Jet Airways is registered in the Isle of Mann and was given the license to fly by the P.V.Narasimha Rao government in 1993.  Total project cost was given as US$445 million. While the entire US$358 million debt is proposed from local sources against a US EXIM guarantee, International Finance Corporation was considering providing US$15 million in quasi-equity for its own account.


Jet Airways board members are Naresh Goyal, non-resident Indian; Ali Ismail Ghandour, Jordanian; Garrit D.V.Der Veer, South African; Vic P.Dungca, American; Harry Tirvengadum, Mauritian; Peter Bouw, Dutch; Saroj K.Datta, formerly with Indian Airlines; Javed Akhtar, Indian; K.K.Mehta, Indian; J.R.Gardat, Indian; T.N.V.Ayyar, Indian; T.M.Kadri, Indian; and Dipankar Basu.  Shatrughan Sinha joined the Jet Airways board in February 2001 and resigned in April 2001 when Jet Airways chairman Naresh Goyal was being investigated for money laundering and connections to underworld dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel.   Jet Airways was approved in 1992 under the Government of India’s NRI scheme. 60 per cent NRI equity participation in the holding company, the Isle of Man-based Tailwinds whose exact ownership is not known to the Government of India and the rest with Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways that has a 20 per cent stake each.  In November, 2001 Jet Airway’s  executive director Saroj Datta said. that Jet Airlines is controlled by Tailwinds, a company registered in the Isle of Man. owned by a German called Naresh Goyal who is the sole shareholder and is a non-resident Indian.  But no one knows the details of the original transfer for the initial $10,000,000 that Naresh Goyal claims to have started his airline with, in 1991 and from where did it came from?  No one knows the details of who receives all of the benefits from Tail Winds?


Correspondence between Intelligence Bureau  and the Union home ministry that was reproduced by media, shows excerpts from then IB joint director Anjan Ghosh’s letter to joint-secretary internal security Sangita Gairala. It shows frequent contacts between Goyal and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. The IB reported that Jet Airways have been steady recipients of large dubious investments originating from the Gulf. Naresh Goyal’s bonhomie and close business links with the Gulf mafia is hushed up due to the investment in Jet Airways allegedly by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. These connections are used repeatedly to get a lot of tainted Indian money laundered and recycled into business in India. Much of this kind of money is generated through smuggling, extortion and similar illegal practices in which Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are believed to be involved. The IB communiqué to the home ministry allegedly confirms contacts between Naresh Goyal and underworld dons, Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim, to settle financial issues. Parts of Goyal’s investment have accrued through the assistance of underworld groups, headed by Dawood and Chhota Shakeel and protected by Sonia Gandhi. Civil aviation secretary of that time, K.Roy Paul said on the sidelines of an ASSOCHAM function that his ministry would talk to the home ministry to decide on the action to be taken against Jet Airways. Paul said that the investigations would focus on the source of Jet Airways funds and the background of investors. The same month, the government moved to order a CBI inquiry into the IB leak on Jet Airways. And for all his troubles, Anjan Ghosh was given transfer orders from IB due to the involvement of Sonia Gandhi. Everyone is convinced that Jet Airways is laundering dirty money. IB stuck to its stand about Jet Airways underworld connections. Jet Airways had been cleared ahead of the cabinet approval of the N.K.Singh committee recommendation for increasing FDI cap in domestic airlines and permitting foreign carriers to take a stake in them. Intelligence Bureau was forced to resettle Anjan Ghosh and his family with new identities to protect them from the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Italian don Sonia Gandhi. Three attempts have been made on the lives of Ghosh and his family. The IB linked these attacks to Ghosh’s investigation of Goyal’s connections with Dawood and Chhota Shakeel and Sonia Gandhi. So serious was this issue that IB director K.P.Singh personally made arrangements to bring Ghosh and his family under a US style witness protection programme.  IB for the first time in its history has put one of its officers under a protection programme due to its investigation in to the affairs of Jet Airways.  Security was a major consideration when the government decided to put a 40 per cent FDI cap in civil aviation. Hussain used the security argument to oppose the FDI hike. But he was silent about Jet Airways.  Jet Airways is owned by Pakistan based terrorists and Italian Mafiosi Sonia and is a security threat to India. The attack on a dedicated and fearless intelligence officer like Anjan Ghosh was a warning of the spreading tentacles of organized crime and Islamic and christian terrorists. These forces have deep links with business and politics as seen recently in the British muslim woman spy Radia, who along with Ratan Tata and other shady businessmen had put a Tamil thief A Raja to loot the nation of 1.76 lakh crore, of which Sonia Gandhi looted Rs 36000 crore to Swiss banks.  The N.N.Vohra committee report on the political criminal nexus should be followed up. Unfortunately India is under the control of an Italian Mafiosi who controls all puppets in congress and government with corrupt persons like tainted PM, CEC, CVC, Judges etc. Time to sent the Mafiosi home.

It is now believed from the general talk in the Gulf, that the Jet Airways, India’s largest private air carrier is largely funded by Dawood Ibrahim, one of the most wanted terrorist in India along with Sonia Gandhi.  Dawood may be the front man for the Arabs, who were smugglers of gold in to India, who have become investors in Bollywood, real estate owners all over India in benami names, and every business in India.  The drug money and the terrorist funding money are extensively laundered through the banks in Dubai and an alarmed US president Bill Clinton raised this issue through US defense secretary William S Cohen during a 1999 meeting with his Emirates counterparts.   US have even named some of the Dubai banks like Dubai Islamic bank etc as the centre of the money laundering activity.  The Washington Post in January 2002 reported that the United Arab Emirates rulers betrayed sympathy for Osama bin Laden’s aims. It was also reported that Osama Bin Laden was treated in one of the private hospitals in Dubai after the 9/11 WTC attack.  Dubai is known now as the nerve centre of International Terrorism.

Initial approvals for Jet Airways (India) were given during the time of P.V.Narasimha Rao and H.D.Deve Gowda regimes and further approvals during the time of NDA when Syed Shahnawaz Hussain was civil aviation minister.  On 2nd May 2002 Law Minister Arun Jaitely informed the Lok Sabha that the NDA  government has ordered an inspection of Jet Airways under section 209 A of the Companies Act.  .The Union home ministry asked the civil aviation ministry to examine if it could review the airline’s security clearance in view of adverse remarks from the IB.  The taped conversations, which took place between operatives of the underworld, do mention the names of Jet Airways chief Naresh Goyal and executives of the airline. Home secretary Kamal Pandey and Syed Shahnawaz Hussain had given clean chit for Jet Airways.  It is not surprising for a nation where terrorists can blast cities like Bombay and blast our buses and the culprits will go free because of the weak links in our government and judiciary.  Even Judges like J.W. Singh was seen asking Dawood Ibrahim’s help for civil dispute and the cases of politicians are well known.   The present Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel from NCP has been found to be favoring Jet Airways by a parliamentary standing committee headed by CPM’s Nilotpal Basu. The report finds the ministry’s actions too speedy, arbitrary and partial.  Almost around the same time as Jet Airways opened its $375-million Initial Public Offering (IPO) on February 18, the ministry of civil aviation gave it the much-coveted permission to fly to the US, making it the country’s first private sector airline to fly on the lucrative sector. State carrier Air-India gets a major portion of its revenue from this sector.


All these things show that our politicians belonging to all parties are being bribed by Dawood Gang.  Dawood also employs many retired IB and RAW officials in his empire.  It is so easy to kill  Dawood by our government, while he is Dubai, but what I had seen is that on every Friday most of the Indian businessmen go and visit him on social calls.  Most of our politicians have huge bank deposits in Dubai.  Dawood is also a pimp for the Dubai Sheikhs and supply our leading heroines of India to them.


Dawood has contacts with all congress politicians.  Romesh Sharma is Dawood’s top right hand man. He started out as a penniless vagabond on the footpaths of Delhi’s Sadar Bazar and with political connections with the Congress; he progressed to a man worth over Rs 200 core with plush property in Delhi’s Mayfair Gardens and Juhu in Mumbai.  Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister persuaded Romesh Sharma to join her party and made him secretary of the All India Kisan Cell.  Sharma became an AICC delegate and even attended the Tirupathi session sitting on the dais. Then Mahabir Prasad, president of the UPCC had him inducted into the PCC as a first time delegate from Amroha in Moradabad district. Sharma was close to the political adviser to the then Congress president. In fact Congress was so eager to accommodate Sharma that the quota of AICC members from Moradabad district was raised to four from three.  V Balasubramaniam, also known as Balu, president of the Reliance Industries Ltd. (Delhi operations.), was a partner in one of Romesh Sharma’s company, The Reliance Investments and Developers. Balu was a partner in the Regal building property with Romesh. The participation of Balu in Sharma’s company elicited the trust of thousands of investors who were misled into believing that Reliance Investment and Developers was one of the companies belonging to the Reliance group. Police raids on Balu’s house revealed that he had in his possession top secret classified documents of ministries. He even had copies of correspondence between secretaries to the Government of India.  The police have taped conversations between Abu Salem, Romesh Sharma and Balu.


During the 1993 Bombay blasts, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sharad Pawar, of congress provided the airplane to transport Dawood Ibrahim’s relatives and friends to safety.   Salman Khursheed, of congress was the Central Minister of State for External Affairs during the same blasts.  Romesh Sharma, of congress was the right hand man of Dawood Ibrahim and made the arrangements to acquire the passport for Dawood’s mother in 24 hours.   :Babloo Srivastava, general secretary of congress youth organization was Dawood’s pointsman and Babloo was accused in 45 cases of murder, extortion, rioting and possession of illegal arms.  In over 95% of the instances where Indian politicians have colluded with the Mafia linked to Dawood Ibrahim, the links can be traced back directly to the congress. Sharma was especially close to Laloo Prasad Yadav, a fact which is evidenced by CBI records of Yadav’s office booking rooms for Sharma’s stay at Maurya Hotel on three occasions in 1997-98. Yadav also used to be a regular at parties organized by Sharma at his Jai Mata farmhouse in Satbari in Mehrauli. Sharma got his famous Mehrauli farmhouse from Congress MP M K Subba. Subba offered his farmhouse to Sharma at a dirt cheap price in return for a stake in the partnership for a proposed Disneyland in Haryana. The Disneyland plan originated from Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala. When Romesh Sharma was arrested the Delhi Police uncovered a tape from his home. In it Romesh Sharma was speaking to Dawood Ibrahim. Here is an excerpt from the chilling conversation:  Sharma: “Bhai, I’ve formed a new political party. (Bharatiya Congress Party) I’ll field some of my candidates in the Lok Sabha polls. Arrange for some money. When my men win the polls, they’ll work only for you.”  Dawood: How many candidates will you field?  Sharma: “16.”  Dawood: How much is needed for each one of them?  Sharma: “At least 5 khokas (crores).”  Dawood: Done.


The muslim underworld is involved in Bollywood since our independence. Most of the successful film actresses were concubines of the Dubai Sheikhs and the mafia dons like Dawood are pimps for the Sheikhs. .  These girls are picked by Dawood Ibrahim, flown to Dubai presented to Arabs and if Dawood is also satisfied are given openings in Bollywood.   The link of the Dubai mafia started from the day oil was discovered.   Indira Gandhi who is a converted muslim  had closed all investigations on the gold smuggling, murder rape etc registered in various states against the Dubai Sheikh and Lootah, Galadhari etc and in return they paid Rs 2 crore to Indira Gandhi.    Mr. Manmohan Singh when he was the governor of Reserve Bank of India was advised by RAW not to issue license for opening the ISI bank BCCI branch in Bombay as BCCI was funding spying in India and was also funding the Pakistani nuclear programme. Yet Manmohan simply approved BCCI branch in India.   BCCI had grown as a result of it running a supply centre for ‘Pakistani minor girls’ to Sheikh Zyed and other leading Sheikhs in the Gulf.  Naturally Sheikh became the leading share holder of BCCI.  Even they bought a USA bank bypassing US regulations and bribed US politicians.  These details are available in the US senate reports.   The BCCI also known as the cocaine bank collapsed with a loss of $ 16 billion.  All that Manmohan got was a scholarship for his daughter, but his main benefit turned out to be that the congress party inducted him to the party. Many details are available in our parliamentary proceedings when the collapse of the BCCI was discussed.  It is no wonder that Mushareef is asking Sonia Gandhi to be the mediator for the Kashmir issue.  Sonia was Antonia Maino and was born in1944 in Luciana in Italy as per her birth certificate submitted to our Government.  Strangely her official father Stefano Maino a mason, a fascist, and a Nazi army volunteer was a prisoner-of-war in Russia continuously from 1942 to 1945.  At the time of Sonia’s marriage to Rajeev the papers had even reported that both were of the same age.  So a new birth date of 1946 was created and the place of birth became Orbassano in Italy and the name became Sonia which is uncommon in Italy.  In 1966 she was working in London for an ISI operative Salman Thassir.  Sonia’s link to KGB is also reported in the press.  When Manmohan Singh’s government taken office, Russia called back its career diplomat Ambassador in New Delhi and posted as the new Ambassador a person who was the KGB station chief in New Delhi during the 1970s.  So it may not be surprising that recently we made urgent payment to Russia that was widely reported, even though the prices are not negotiated or finalized.   Facts are stranger than fiction and if Pakistanis say that our nation is being run by two ISI operatives Indians may find it difficult to deny it.  KGB records released when USSR collapsed show that they paid $2 billion to Rahul Gandhi.  It is not surprising that an Italian Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi is discussing our nation’s future with Putin.  The  Jharkand fiasco by the ruling congress and the explosive book by an ex IB official clearly showed that the government agencies like IB is being used by the Gandhi family for a long time.



We know that Congress is directly linked to ISI and Dawood Ibrahim from Indira’s time. Every muslim minister in India receives Dawood’s fund.  When A.A.Rahim’s relative went to Duabi, Dawood;s men were there to help them.  Another muslim minister C.M.Ibrahim’s brother was a courier for Dawood and was caught at Chennai airport with a suitcase full of expensive watches.  C.M. Ibrahim was a buddy of  Dawood  in the United Front cabinet and strangely  Ibrahim  was the Civil Aviation Minister.  It is not a coincidence that even during NDA the civil aviation minister turns out to be a Muslim.  Recently India’s two big gutkha barons, Rasiklal Dhariwal and Jagdish Joshi, are wanted by the police for their alleged links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Dhariwal owns Manikchand and Joshi heads Goa Gutkha and both are NRIs.   And may be even few from the BJP appears to be linked to Dawood, because they did not ground Jet airways.   That may be the reason why Advani was reluctant to present a white paper on Islamic terrorists which he promised before while in power and was seen recently praising Jinnah while on a visit to Pakistan. .


Jet Airways is the new form of Gold smuggling by the criminalized Islamic nations of the Gulf in India. In 1996, Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways sold their 20 per cent stake each in Jet Airways following civil-aviation guidelines that prevent any shareholding by a foreign airline in the domestic sector.  These Gulf nations charge $2 extra for every barrel of oil we purchase compared to the price at which they sell it to developed nations.  This extra money is used for funding terrorism in India, to pay the Islamic mafia operating in India and to pay our brainless politicians starting from Indira Gandhi.    Al-Qaeda and Dawood flushed with oil money can buy any Indian politicians and businessmen easily.  .The next generation of muslim terrorists may not be from Pakistan which now controls madrassa education, but the more educated Indian muslims, brain washed in the mushrooming madrassas of India.   The Jet Airways Inc of America, which opposed the foreign air carrier permit application of  Jet Airways (India) before the US Department of Transportation, filed fresh terrorist link proof against Jet Airways (India).  On June 10, 2005 in an affidavit filed before the US Department of Transportation the US firm complained  that company officials and staff were being “threatened and intimated” by low class thugs a standard operating procedure of Dawood Ibrahim…


There is a long term strategy in investing in an airline in a nation like India by terrorists.  Dubai is also the centre where Indian passports are forged extensively to help the movement of terrorists and workers, in and out of various countries.  With the high tech security measures, detection has become much easier. So another method apparently adopted appears to be to tear up some pages of passport of innocent passengers while leaving India.  Most of the time that page may contain visas to countries like USA.  This helps the forgers at Dubai while the networking Indian staff can make some additional money.   When fake Indian currency is being printed in the Gulf nations, printing of Indian passports or even stealing other passports for terrorist activities with proper networking with Indian immigration, Air India, Indian police etc is made easy if airlines like Jet Airways are operated by the terrorists.


One way to look at the funding is to look at the employees in that firm.  In Dubai one Kerala Christian Sunny Varkey is running not only schools for Indians but also is running schools for Pakistanis..  He employs not only his own community from Kerala, but large number of even unqualified Pakistanis.  The wife of the Pakistani counsel in Dubai is in his management team.  It is known that Sunny Varkey is a front man for the ISI funding and is under RAW scanner.  In the same way Jet Airways employs a very high proportion of muslims as its employees which is well over 50%.  In India the muslims are around 14% and are educationally backward.  Yet the very high percentage of muslim in Jet Airways clearly indicates that the money for Jet Airways had indeed came from Muslim terrorists, Gulf Nationals and Dawood Ibrahim and Sonia Gandhi.



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