National Advisory Council (NAC) ofIndia is an illegal  super  Cabinet to control the illegal Prime Minister and CIA ISI  agent Manmohan. NAC was set up on 4-6-2004 by dummy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during UPA-I, to give the government control to the Italian pro*statute who cannot be the Prime Minister on her own. The funds for the council are provided from the allocation for the Prime Minister’s Office and a cabinet rank is given to Sonia. If India was a nation following its own constitution, then Sonia could not have been able to  contest even a municipal election in India in the same way as an Indian who becomes a naturalised Italian citizen cannot contest even an Italian municipal election.  But the dumb,  idiotic and corrupt Hindu bas*tards of BJP, who will sell their mothers for petty cash, under the stupid steroid filled Haji Vajpayee altered Indian constitution to enable Sonia to become an MP in India. The funds for the functioning of this NACl are provided from the budgetary allocation for the Prime Minister’s Office. NAC is goon team of 35 members to subvert Indian constitution and our parliamentary system of law making etc.  The dummy Manmohan is from the Ragya Sabha, where  political old duds  were sent by the state legislatures. Indian convention is to elect a Prime Minister from Lok Sabha.  But Manmohan cannot win any election.  An illegal group of Christians and muslim fanatics advise this pope’s plant Sonia, so that India will disintegrate.  On 23 March 2006, Sonia had to resign  from the post of chairmanship of the NAC as she was also holding an Office of profit.  On 29 March 2010, she wormed back as the chairperson of NAC to control her dummy PM and its dummy cabinet ministers. NAC members are Sonia Gandhi chairperson, Jean Dreze, Farah Naqvi , Anu Aga, Deep Joshi, Pramod Tandon, M.S. Swaminathan, Ram Dayal Munda , Aruna Roy, Narendra Jadhav,  Harsh Mander, Madhav Gadgil , Naresh C Saxena,  A. K. Shiva Kumar,Mirai Chatterjee,  and secretary is Rita Sharma. Farah Naqvi, mainly worked on the anti Hindu, anti Indian, communal violence bill since the last five years. A*s licking congressmen has become sla ves of Sonia and ready to sell our country to mu slim terrorists like Farah Naqvi.

Cowering cops  grovelling netas Cowering cops, grovelling netas

Express News Service

Last Updated : 11 Sep 2011 09:00:28 AM IST


NEW DELHI: A reluctant Home Minister coupled with a crippled and demoralised police force are the two factors responsible for the paralysis that has seized government’s war on terror.


Despite Home Minister P Chidambaram’s assertiveness, police officers all over the country are unwilling to stick their necks or their guns out, fearing a witch-hunt by human rights organisations and politicians—mainly belonging to the UPA—baying for their blood.


For the past two years, not a single preventive arrest has happened in the country. They haven’t apprehended or silenced any sleeping terrorist modules either.   With over 60 police officers in jail for the alleged encounter deaths of terrorists like Sohra buddin and Prajapati, the law enforcement system is in a state of permanent freeze.

Central intelligence agencies like the IB and NTRO are toothless; they have no powers to arrest or detain suspects. Though the government has an anti-terrorism strategy, strong counter-terrorism measures are absent.  In his last press conference, Chidambaram had clearly stated that India needs an effective counter terrorism strategy to go after sleeping terror cells and finish them off, either by arrest or elimination.

It was for this purpose that various Anti-Terrorism Squads (ATSs) were created in all states.  Initially, the squads were a success, yielding phenomenal results by hunting down terror modules, sending terrorists to jail, even shooting them down if necessary.

Chidambaram’s first tenure as home minister was successful, with no major terror attacks.

But soon after UPA’s return to power in 2009, all anti-terror laws like POTA were diluted, or simply abolished in “secular” interest.


Most ATSs are in slumber; once fearless daredevils, who rushed into terrorist hideouts with guns blazing, they have become a shadow of their former self: they don’t fear terrorists; it is politicians and human rights activists whom they are afraid of.


Note from Bharatian: The  matter could be from the Tamil thief and illegal P Chidambaram who actually  lost the election in Tamil Nadu.   His opponent was declared elected.  But recounting  was demanded and by bribing a data entry operator, Chidambaram was declared elected later.  The matter is in court now. The notorious 2G thief Chidambaram had introduced the PN route for investment for Sonia’s black money and now the stock market is in the hands of terrorist funds.

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